Chris Conlee

EDL 2 Sub Caption Utility (For Avid Media Composer)

This simple utility for Avid Media Composer will take an EDL which has VFX locators (or comments) and generate a Sub Caption file for re-import into the sequence so you can label your outputs.

To use the utility, either place a locator or a comment on each VFX shot in your sequence. Your locators or your comments should have a recognizable piece of text in them, such as: ONC314_001_001, where the text (ONC314 in my example) is unique to the shots you want to label:

Once your locators are prepared, then export an EDL of your sequence with your locators or your comments visible:

Then launch the utility:

Once in the app, enter a search term and press the CONVERT button. You will then be presented with a Subcaption list which you need to save with a .TXT extension. Import the file into Avid's SubCap tool. Format your SubCap to your liking and then save the format as a "Global Setting" so all of them are consistent.

The final result, once the Marker list and the SubCap list are imported into the Avid will look similar to this: