Chris Conlee

Award Winning Feature Film Editor and Director CHRIS CONLEE learned the value of hard work “down on the farm”. Where Chris Conlee is concerned, that’s not just an expression; he literally grew up on a farm. But agriculture was not Conlee’s career of choice. Like many budding filmmakers, it wasn’t long before he appropriated his parents’ Super-8 Camera and began piecing together amateur films. And, although Chris studied for and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Systems Engineering and Business from Oregon Institute of Technology; and subsequently enlisted in and served for four years in the U.S. Army, Film remained Chris’ one true and abiding passion.

Chris eventually enrolled in the Film School at Columbia College, Hollywood. And, before graduating from Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television, he discovered that he had a special knack for Film Editing. Conlee also discovered that the intuitive feel which he had for the Art of Film Editing was perfectly complemented by his background in information technology since that background allowed him to master new editing technologies and new editing software as soon as they became available.

Conlee’s professional career as an Editor began rather humbly when he and an old Army buddy set up shop and eventually began to barely eke out a living editing Actors’ Demo Reels. And, although the old Army buddy eventually got married and ‘moved on’, Chris kept telling himself - and others - that he knew he could edit Feature Films. And finally, one of Conlee’s Demo Reel clients gave him the opportunity to prove that he really could cut Feature Films when the Demo Reel client hired Chris to edit the Feature “Extreme Honor”. Once Chris completed his work on “Extreme Honor”, he was able to announce with confidence, “I am a Feature Film Editor”.

Conlee’s love of Horror Films fueled his career, driving him to take on fun, creatively satisfying projects like two of his personal favorites, “Boo” and “Abominable”. But, Chris did not want to limit himself to just one genre; and, his amazing range and talent have enabled him to work in and excel in virtually every Feature Film genre imaginable, as well as in Television and Music Videos.

Chris’ work has garnered critical acclaim – with his editing on Director VLADIMIR ALENIKOV’S thriller, “The Gun”, being awarded the coveted Best Editing Award from the Strasburg International Film Festival. And, more importantly, Chris has earned the respect of his colleagues and is frequently engaged to work with directors like RICHARD DAY of “Girls Will Be Girls” fame; and, Veteran Director WILLIAM DEAR, on second and third engagements.

As of late, Conlee has lent his talents to Family Features such as 20th Century Fox’s “The Sandlot – Heading Home” and Mandalay and Prelude Pictures’ “The Perfect Game”, both of which were directed by William Dear. To date, Chris Conlee has edited more than twenty Feature Films all of which have been distributed either Theatrically, via Cable Television, and / or, on DVD.

And, Chris’ small town upbringing, plus, his four years spent as a military service man, continue to influence his big city work here in Hollywood, enabling him to deliver honest assessments of a film’s potential with tact; and, motivating him to put in the long hours and hard work necessary to bring to fruition each and every director’s artistic vision and to cause each film to reach its maximum potential.

In addition to making available his Editing Talent and Services, with some help from long-time Office Partner and Fellow Editor, Christopher Roth; and, long-time Agent, Patricia Lee, as well as reliance upon his own business background and training, Conlee maintains and makes available his own editing studio and office in the Burbank-Glendale area. Conlee’s facility features Avid Media Composer, Adobe Creative Suite Pro Tools HD, and Sound Effects and Music Libraries which can service and accommodate Film and Video-based Feature Film and Television projects, with the capability of handling both Standard Definition and High Definition.

True to his upbringing, Conlee is nothing if not ambitious and hardworking.

As though award-winning editing work and running his own editing studio weren’t challenging enough, Conlee has recently followed his biggest dream and taken a seat in the Director’s Chair. Chris came to Hollywood with an idea in the back of his mind: “Someday, I’m going to be a Director”. And today, he IS a Director! When BRIAN O'TOOLE, one of the producers who Chris had edited for on the Feature Film, “Boo”, called Conlee up one day and asked him if he was interested in directing O’Toole’s latest project, “Evilution”, Conlee jumped at the chance to return to his Horror Film roots for his Directorial Debut! With an Editing Studio of his own; an impressive Editing Résumé; and now, a Director’s Credit to his name, Conlee is certainly one of the Film Industry’s Rising Stars!